Sunday, November 3, 2013

설국열차 / Snowpiercer

August 8, 2013. Days after the Yeosu International Youth Camp, I had the chance to meet my dongsaeng again. We went Yongsan Station to watch <설국열차> "Snowpiercer" by Bong Joon-ho. We called whoever could join us and Von responded. It was my first time watching a Korean movie in a Korean Cinema. Thankfully, they put english subtitles in Yongsan theatres.

We just had to take a picture with that huge minion lol.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yeosu International Youth Camp 2013

23-29 July 2013. [WARNING] This is going to be a very long post.
I got accepted as one of the participants for the Yeosu International Youth Camp 2013. The event took place in Yeosu/여수 (lol) and lasted for a week. At first I really hated the idea of joining the camp but I think it was the best thing I did so far here in South Korea. It was summertime and since I didn't have any plans (and that everything in the youth camp was free) I decided to join.

DAY 1: July 23

We (Marriane, Kim and I) arrived at Seoul Station around 15 minutes before the meet up for those who were staying in Seoul. I thought we were the only Filipinos joining this event but eventually, we saw nine more Pinoys from different parts of South Korea.  Two of them, Aldrin and Kat, were from UP Diliman too. The rest were Ron, Herbert, M.A., Mark, Kuya RC, Kuya Nash and Kuya Amor. It was so exciting that there were a lot of Filipino participants in this camp. 

The bus allotted for those coming from Seoul

After roughly 3-4 hours of travel, we reached Yeosu. Eventually, we were guided in a gymnasium and were asked to change to these pink shirts. Never did we know that most of the participants of this camp were high school students. And almost all of us, foreigners, were the University, MA and PhD students. It was 재미없다 (Je-mi-eop-ta / not fun) at first and we were separated into teams and groups. I am in Group 4 Team 4 while Ron was the only one in my Group but in different Team (3).

(L-R) Kim, Marrianne, M.A., Christian, Kristin
We met two more Filipinos - Christian and Kristin. They were the representatives of the Philippines to the competition. (They were sooooo 대박! (Great!))

(L-R) Ron, Mark, Aldrin, M.A., Christian, Kristin, Me, Kim

Day 1 wents slow. The orientation was a bit boring and we were asked to dance Psy's "Gentleman" for numerous times I cannot remember. They started to prepare us for the flash mob. It was the craziest! haha Now every time I hear that song, I can't help but dance to it. I now conclude that Koreans do love Flash Mobs!

Around late night, we started to go to our rooms. We had our own hotel room for free. All of us were Filipinos (7). Mark, the youngest, had experienced this youth camp last year and known some of the korean high school participants already. He brought two of his many friends - 석진 and (I forgot his name haha).

(L-R) Student1, 석진, Mark, M.A., Kuya Amor, Kuya RC, Von and Herbert

DAY 2: July 24

We woke up around 6am, ate free breakfast and rushed to the buses around 7am. The I-am-so-sleepy face is in me. We arrived to the pier 30 minutes after and rode the ship to some Island. I was with Group 4 and Group 8. The other groups went to other islands for there were a lot of Islands in Yeosu.

At the Island, we rode some tractors (?) as our vehicles. It was so funny! There were like ten of these vehicles and everyone was riding them. It was so peaceful in the Island and we eventually arrived at the Middle school / High school who greeted us with the Korean traditional song. Some high school band played rock music too.

We were then separated into Teams and were tasked to do some Bookmarks for the students.

My dongsaeng teammates~

Afternoon, we went to this seaside and played Chicken Fight and other korean games. It may seem clean but the water and shore was really terrible haha. No offense, Yeosu is beautiful but this particular place is really "No".

At night, we stayed in the Island and waited for the fireworks. The cold breeze was so good for summer here in korea was extreme. 

With team leader 

Group 4 Team 4
It makes me sad that I didn't bring my camera at the afternoon session. I wasn't able to capture the moments (but thanks to my phone camera, though some things weren't clear.)

DAY 3: July 25

I started to feel that I am enjoying this whole camp thing. I started to socialize with the "Kids" and that they were fun and had many questions (Lol yes). We stayed the night in a house in the island. Boys stayed in one house and girls stayed in a separate. It was funny that there were only three rooms and we (foreigners) stayed in 1 of the rooms and the other students stuck themselves in the other two rooms. LOL but eventually two brave students joined in our room and became our closest buds throughout the camp. And one of them, 동현 (who is staying in Seoul) became my dongsaeng (cause he really looked like my real younger brother haha).

We started the morning with a nice view of the Island. Walked our way to the girls barracks and had our breakfast.

My Roommates (L-R) Kuya Amor, Ron, 곤 (Gon), 동현 (Donghyun) and Me

After this heated morning, we rode the ship going back to mainland and had to ride the bus for an hour to the next location which is another island (T_T). I didn't expect that this is going to be an island hopping! haha. There were a lot of things happening that day. It was tiring but fun!

My only photo of the other island for I was so tired and that I didn't want to bring the DSLR for it was so heavy.
Then at late night, we had the opportunity to enter their own version of Ocean Park. Eventhough the aquariums were big, I think that the Philippines' Manila Ocean Park is bigger and has a lot more interesting spaces. But still, the fact that the Ocean Park opened around 8pm just for us was fun.

Day 3 ended with a blast. I still can't figure out how I managed to go to all of those places. I was so tired that I just took a shower and slept afterwards.

DAY 4: July 26

After the tiring Day 3, we had a very peaceful Day 4. Day 4 was the last day of the camp and that the two other remaining days was for the festival. We went to the auditorium to -wait for it- practice Psy's "Gentleman". A KPop girl group named "INY" arrived and taught us the steps. I don't know who they were and I guess they weren't really famous for even the kids didn't know them haha.

At night, the closing ceremony of the camp took place. There was a massive (lol) dance club in the open concert halls of Yeosu. haha It was so funny! I can't even dance properly because of the awkwardness of the open halls lol. Bystanders and passers-by just stood there watching everyone in their wild zone! But still, it was hell'a fun!

DAY 5: July 27

Today was the start of the Festival. We weren't required to do anything. It was a day for us to have fun!  The highlight of this day is the competition, KPop festival and fireworks!

Pinas represent!

Christian, Kristine, Sir and one korean student

Filipinos in Yeosu!!!!

At Night: JUMP performance! Some kind of martial arts x comedy stage. It was really funny!

KPOP Concert: Performances by Davichi, BTOB, Orange Caramel and other pop idols that I don't have any idea whoever they were haha.


Orange Caramel

That awesome moment with the korean military fans cheering hardcore for Davichi and Orange Caramel haha
nugu band haha

I think this is INY, the one who taught us how to dance Psy's Gentleman. LOL


KPOP Photos by the official hardcore KPOP photographer: KIM haha

Fireworks at the Big "O"

Eventually after the fireworks, everyone went back to dorms. I remember t'was already 4am and I am still at the Hotel Lobby! I can't sleep so I just went down and challenged my social skills LOL. 

DAY 6: July 28

Our last night in Yeosu. There weren't anything special this day. We just went around the festival and spent our time talking with Koreans. At night, they opened the Big-O and luckily we got the chance to witness that beautiful presentation.

Kuya RC and Mark playing this big jump rope thing

Special Performance from the Philippine Delegates!!

The Big O

Filipinos in Yeosu! Mabuhay! 

[L-R] Me, Kat, Aldrin, Marrianne, Mark, Kuya RC, Kim, Kuya Ador, M.A., Von and Herbert

The kids haha

With the highschool kids

There was this awarding and stuff at the stage. We dropped by to check and eventually left for we cannot understand anything hahaha

Muay Thai pose

We left the events place and headed downtown for some Norebang action.

Around 2am, we went back to the Hotel. We bid farewell to those who are leaving and took farewell pictures with them. I met with my teammates and we had this farewell chicken party. I tell you, Koreans realllllllly love chickens.

Bidding goodbyes to our Filipino delegates!

My dongsaeng asked for a picture haha

Group 4 Team 4

DAY 7: July 29

The day we went back to Seoul. 

At Seoul Station

At the Filipino restaurant~

I made a lot of friends within that week long festival. I never thought that I would be able to enjoy but I did. Although most of them were my dongsaengs (younger ones) I really am happy that I had this opportunity. Most of them became my dongsaengs forever (LOL) and film buddies. 

And I also met Pinoys! I was really happy to be with them in Yeosu. I don't want to forget the memories I made there and the friends I had. Those 6 days in Yeosu was the best six days I ever had here in South Korea so far!